Our mission

To ensure every student enjoys the process of continuously improving his or her technique to swim smarter, better… faster by providing premier swim instruction using the Total Immersion proven method of success.

Core goals

  • Share our passion for swimming

  • Provide exceptional instruction from our highly trained coaches

  • Offer comprehensive training plans, personalized to fit YOUR needs

  • Hands-on interaction, low student-coach ratio

  • Motivational coaching techniques with clearly defined performance expectations

Our experience

TI Coaching – 8 years
Triathlon Coaching – 12 years
Community Involvement – 24 years


We believe swimming is both an essential life skill and unparalleled as a way to enjoy peak physical and mental health throughout life.

Our mission is to help adults from beginners to advanced to achieve meaningful goals through intelligent, effective, satisfying practice.

Head Coach Teresa Seibel
Teresa Seibel

Total Immersion British Columbia Head Coach

Teresa Seibel is the Head Coach and administrator for all Total Immersion programs and events in British Columbia. She coaches out of Kamloops and travels within the province offering workshops and events.

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Stacy Osmond
Stacy Osmond

Total Immersion British Columbia Coach Level 1.0

Stacy Osmond is the owner and manager of Balanced Body Fitness. She coaches out of Quesnel.

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Jen Brett
Jen Brett

Total Immersion British Columbia Apprentice

Jen Brett is the owner and manager of Tri Motivation. She coaches out of Chilliwack.

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  • I have been passionate about triathlon for a number of years and, like many others, dreaded the swim portion. My strategy was just to kick at a rapid pace, use my arms as much as I could, and try to power through the swim before I got to the events I was was more comfortable with. This resulted in below average swim times, and I always felt drained and tired after getting out of the water. After I started with Teresa's program, everything changed. I re-learned how to make a proper stroke, and glide efficiently through the water. My thrashing and kicking turned to natural, fluid propulsion. My swim times improved while using substantially less energy. I can't say enough about Teresa's coaching and the Total Immersion swim style.
    David Retzer
  • Teresa is passionate about swimming and she is an incredible coach.  Patient, positive, kind and shows genuine joy when a student gets excited about swimming!   I am hooked on TI swimming! I can swim more than triple the distance using less energy. TI swimming is the most graceful, smooth, efficient way to swim and has made my Triathlon races a much more enjoyable experience.
    Bonnie – Fear of open water

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