Video Analysis

Visual feedback is recognized as one of the most powerful tools for better understanding and learning new skills. Beginner through to advanced swimmers will benefit from an examination of form. We detail individual stroke inefficiencies and identify prime opportunities for improvement. Your personalized prescription for success will be supplemented with a directive outline to the basic concepts of stroke efficiency and proper freestyle technique.

Total Immersion Workshops

Extensive one or two day Total Immersion training sessions that incorporate pool sessions, classroom theory and video analysis. Revolutionize your approach to swimming in both action and in thought as we guide you through a series of thoughtfully choreographed movements that will teach you essential skills for mastering a fluent, beautiful, and economical stroke. Swim heightened awareness of your movements and a deeper understanding of your stroke.

Custom Training Plans

These plans include weekly workouts designed specifically for the goals and ability level of each swimmer. These are NOT stock workouts. Training plans can be designed to supplement private lessons, offer continual guidance after completion of a clinic or seminar, as well as support swimmers interested in mixing up their traditional practices with a variety of fun, new and challenging sets! Don’t waste precious training time with cookie-cutter workouts; maximize your performance by allowing us to provide you with a customized, time-effective workouts, designed to best suit YOUR needs, goals and commitment level!

Private/Semi-private lessons

Total Immersion instruction is available to cater to the abilities, schedules and goals of the individual. Programs available for beginner, intermediate, or advanced swimmers. Five hours of pool time developing of the Total Immersion freestyle drill series – a sequence of exercises that will help you not only swim faster and longer, but understand the mechanics of the stroke better. Drills will be specific to the swimmers ability and goals. Includes theory discussion before each session and workout sheets for home review. Video review included as long as pool permits.