A Moms Journey to Oliver

Part Two In A Series

Calling on my parents for help

Growing up is something else, especially when it comes to parenting. Currently I’m finding myself circling back to the good ol’ days of asking my parents permission to go out, except this time they have to watch my kids instead of my cat!
The Journey to Oliver is a big deal for my folks as they are triathletes themselves. They participate every year and it has become a tradition. My dad, being the hero he is, participates in both Saturday and Sunday races. I know, crazy right?
My mom, equally sporty, usually sticks to only Saturday.
Their triathlon vibes have been infectious for a while. I just want to point out that there has never been pressure on me to join them, but seeing them start their triathlon journey in their late 40s sends a loud message – age ain’t stopping anyone. Instead they have just lit a spark that’s slowly turning into a flame.
So, as I gear up for my own “Journey to Oliver,” I had to hit them up for some babysitting duties. Luckily my kids are pretty cute and have them wrapped around their fingers. Or course, both of them gladly stepped up, setting aside their own triathlon ambitions to back me up 100%.
My dad’s decided to sit back this year and not race at all so I can try and keep up with Mom on Saturday. His selfless move adds this extra layer of “you got this” to my game plan. It’s a mix of gratitude, guilt, and determination as I lace up for this triathlon.

Pushing the Button

After sorting out the logistics of who would watch the kids, it was time to get my name on the list for the Oliver Triathlon. This would turn my “mom’s journey to Oliver” dreams into reality by hitting that register button. October 16, 2023, was the day I made it official for the 2024 Oliver Triathlon Sprint – 750m open water swim, 17 km bike, and a 5K run, all packed into one day. Woah, right?

Reality hit, and so did a bit (actually a lot) of panic – “What was I thinking?” The triple threat of challenges sounded pretty intimidating, plus the struggle to not get worn out and tackle my nerves of swimming in open water. Of course, I instantly picked up the phone to call my mom, spilling the beans on my fear that maybe this was a mistake. She automatically stopped me and swooped in with support and chill vibes, reminding me it’s not just about the performance but the satisfaction of chasing a dream. It’s not about what others think but hitting a personal goal. While the fear of failing still hung around, it hit me – how can I flop at something I’m doing just for me? For the first time, I thought not about it being a competition but about how it was just a “fun” race for myself.
The next call went to my employer and Triathlon Coach, Teresa. We chatted about training plans and my worries. I am so lucky to have cool people around, and Teresa’s got my back. Her commitment to guiding my training means I’ll not only feel proud but also safe in those open waters. The journey keeps rolling, and with every step, those initial doubts give way to a growing sense of “I got this.” I hope to inspire others the way I’ve been inspired, and even the smallest tasks can help me gain some confidence.

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