A Mom’s Journey to Oliver

Part Five in a Series

Checking on your check engine light.

Let’s take a moment to talk about training while feeling unwell, a situation I am sure many of us, including myself, have found ourselves in. Do you ever feel the pressure to stick with your training schedules, no matter what? Because I sure do, and let me assure you, I have been there many times before and will probably be there many times again.

One of my friends has this great analogy. She says that our bodies are like cars with check engine lights. If your check engine light comes on and you ignore it, it might go away, or it might get worse. Should we really be brushing off these signals? Probably not. Personally, I have struggled with undetermined health issues that keep me in an annoying state of illness and pain for weeks at a time. It’s taken years to figure out what’s wrong with me, and even now, it’s really a guessing game based on my family history. 

Recently, I have made some progress with a potential diagnosis and was able to start on some antibiotics. Now for a fun little twist, these meds made me feel under the weather while simultaneously working their magic to make me feel better. Odd right? So unfortunately, my post Mexico trip, jumping back into routine wasn’t in the cards for me. Instead, I choose to rest and care for my kids, which, let’s be honest, that’s a workout on its own. 

Throughout this time off, I battled with the guilt of not going to the gym or pool and letting down myself and my training coach. My fitness app reminders would ding on my phone, allowing for my anxiety to do its thing and make up the subtle belief I was failing and everyone was disappointed in me. Which of course was not true, and in hindsight, was I really failing, or was I just addressing my check engine light? It’s more important to recognize that sometimes the best way to stay healthy is by giving our bodies the rest and attention it needs and not feel guilty about missing training sessions. Something I still have to work on. My mom always says our health is a journey, not a race. 

Finding Footing

During my training with Teresa, I was introduced to Chi Running and I found that it has been a game-changer for the pain I feel when I run. ⁤⁤If you haven’t heard of this before, its a run/walk style with less strain on your body. If you are like me and experience pain while running I would consider looking into it more. Its really helped with the way I focus during running.

Continuing on that, I recently realized it was time to invest in new running shoes – something that hadn’t crossed my mind in quite some time.⁤I actually didn’t know that it’s recommended to replace your running shoes every 500-800 km. ⁤I noticed that although I was running differently there still was some pain, that I have come to determine is from my old shoes. 


This year for my birthday, my mom took me to Runners Sole to pick out a new pair of runners. ⁤⁤It’s funny how as you grow older, getting training gear as gifts becomes a real treat. ⁤Wayne and his team excel in their knowledge, warmth and genuine passion for helping runners find the perfect feet. I must have tried on over 10 pairs while I was there, and not once did they make me feel pressured to buy or ashamed I hadn’t found anything yet. I walked out with a pair of shoes that not only catered to my flat feet but also helped eliminate some of the knee pain I had been experiencing. ⁤

⁤Since then, I’ve taken my new runners out on a few trail runs, and the difference in how I feel is remarkable. ⁤⁤It goes to show the importance of investing in quality shoes that support your feet properly. My new runners are so coushany in the heel that it kinda feels like I am on a cloud running.  ⁤⁤If you’re in the market for a new pair, I can’t recommend Runners Sole enough.


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