A Mom’s Journey to Oliver

Part Seven in a Series

Mock Triathlon Madness

Today we did a mock triathlon, which is basically like doing the real thing but at a smaller scale. Of course, the weather had been gorgeous all week, but today it pours rain – just my luck! Unfortunately, that meant we couldn’t do the bike portion, but it was still important to practice transition regardless. 

On the way to Westsyde Pool, I felt anxious and nervous, almost forgetting that I’ve been training for this for months. I arrived 30 minutes early, so I decided to just sit in my car and listen to some music. In case you’re  wondering, I had “Out Of My System” by Louis Tomlinson on repeat. It’s such a motivational song. I recommend checking him out on Spotify! 

Before we began, Teresa had us sit down and discuss what we are feeling confident about, how our training goes, what’s on our packing list, etc. A few things I noted were that I’m having some hip and lowerback  issues from rolling around on the floor during dance. By the way, I take adult dance class twice a week at Kamloops Performance Company – It’s a blast! We talked about what might help with these issues and what’s not helping. I cross my legs a lot, which I know isn’t great. Another thing I hadn’t thought about is my hair. How will I wear it on race day? I thought maybe a ponytail, but today I lost time in transition fixing my hair because it fell out. So I am leaning towards a French braid instead. There are so many little things I wasn’t even worried about before.


The swim went flawlessly. We worked on drifting, passing and getting splashed. Luckily for us, the Westside Tsunami Swim Club was practicing next to our lane. During their kickboard kicks, Teresa asked them to go extra hard around us so we could feel what it would be like to have close bodies and water flying on race day. I flew through my 750m in 22 minutes (my best time yet) and hopped out to start my run. I spent too much time drying off my feet – it really bugs me when they’re wet in my socks, something I will have to get over. After I was ready, I looked outside and saw that it was sleeting, so I quickly grabbed my jacket and headed off. The gust of wind that hit me was like a ton of bricks on my chest. All I could think of was, I hope it isn’t like this in Oliver. I ran the track for about 2 Km until my body was numb and I desperately needed warmth. I went back inside and sat by the pool, cheering on the other ladies who had come with me to practice their Ironman transitions. 

I felt really good about my time, just wishing I could have gotten on my bike quickly. I’ll be adding that onto my list of things to practice, as well as doing a few open water swims. They’re so different than pool ones;it would be nice to try a few out.

Overall,  it was a great day to practice, despite the weather. Every little bit helps, and I’m feeling more prepared for the real triathlon day by day.

I would like to say GOOD LUCK to my two training partners from this practice. Teresa, who is doing Ironman Victoria soon, and Cathaeines, who is doing Ironman Squamish. You ladies are rock stars, good luck and I will be cheering you on.



Conquering Open Water Fears: Adventures In Clearwater

My family and I took a day trip down to Clearwater so I could practice doing an open water swim. Training in the pool has been amazing, but it’s a whole different vibe when you can’t see the bottom. Leading up to the swim I felt super confident. I jumped out of my car, let my puppy out for a swim and started getting ready. Honestly, I wish someone had taken a video of me getting into my short wetsuit because it was an ordeal! I borrowed it from Teresa and had many failed attempts at squeezing myself in. Finally, after what my brother said was 30 minutes, we got it zipped up and I realized I couldn’t breathe with it around my neck. So off it came for another hilarious attempt. 

Thankfully, my dad brought his long suit down also, just in case. That one slid on easier, but since he’s like 6 feet tall, there was no way it wouldn’t work. Finally I was ready to go. I put on the rest of my gear, and off we went. As we started our swim, I felt great, but then the water went dark, and panic set in. I started treading water and saying, “Nope I don’t like this,” with sharp panic attack breaths coming on. My mom swam back to support me, and my brother Maison and his wife Riley stayed close by in the canoe. As tears rolled down my face, we decided to stick to the shoreline until I could control my fears. It wasn’t a graceful swim by any means, but I’m proud to say that I did eventually make it to the middle of the lake. We did the full 750m. It wasn’t my best time, but I’m proud of myself. I will definitely do another lake swim before my triathlon.


Coming out of the water and transitioning into my bike, I learned a few pointers. Firstly, don’t spend so much time putting socks on. They’ll just get wet as you ride anyway. Secondly, have your bike in the gear you want to start with. I had it in too high of a gear, which made starting on a hill very difficult. For the bike, my dad and I did a quick 8 km ride. He showed me some pointers on hill riding and helped me with my gears. I’m still learning to shift properly, but it’s working out. 

Lastly, my run was with my mom, the dogs and the kids leading the way on their bikes. We only did 2.5 km, but it was enough to see what it would be like to go through all three events. I practiced using my gels in transition and learning what not to do during race day.

It was a great day to practice what I needed, plus I got to see Maison and Riley and hang out for the rest of the afternoon at their place. Overcoming the fear of dark water was tough, but pushing through made me feel more prepared for the real triathlon. 


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