A Mom’s Journey to Oliver

Part One In A Series


Welcome to “A Mom’s Journey to Oliver,” where I will document my preparation for my first open-water triathlon sprint in June. As you follow along, I will discuss how this idea unfolded and the challenges of balancing training with motherhood. I’ll let you in on some personal information, and you’ll get a sneak peek into my training regimen with Tri Balance. I aim to be as open and honest with you all as possible, sharing my trials and tribulations and inspiring you to embark on your self-improvement journey.

Before I start, let me introduce myself, I’m Madyson. I’m a mother of two delightful kids, a son aged 6 and a daughter aged 4, who never fail to bring laughter and constant activity into my life. As if my life wasn’t crazy enough, I also own a “zoo” of animals, consisting of a cat, 4 chickens, fish, and a bunny & most recently, we rescued a puppy. In addition to my roles as a mom and animal wrangler, I’m deeply involved in my community. I participate in various volunteer opportunities, including the Kamloops Film Festival, the Chair of my community board and Co-Chair of my son’s PAC. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and extracurricular activities keeps me on my toes. I also work part-time for Teresa at Tri Balance, a connection that traces back to many years ago when she taught Total Immersion swim lessons to my parents.

I don’t claim the title of an “athletic” mom, and I anticipate struggling with the training process. I am sure there will be a few “what was I thinking” moments. Regardless, I invite you to join me on this journey and hope it serves as inspiration for you to embark on your own path of personal growth, too.

A Long Process To Get Here

Being a working mom while juggling my kids’ various activities has its challenges. Finding the time to take on something that pushes me even more will be very tough. ‘The Moms Journey to Oliver’ has been on my mind since 2020. COVID thwarted my first attempt. In 2021, an accident (me falling down my stairs & breaking my foot) made me question my idea entirely. In 2024, I’m happy to be back, ready to cross that finish line no matter where I rank. The third time’s the charm! I want to stick to the training, give it my all, and not drown! 

While talking to Teresa about blogging my journey, fear of failing and guilt about childcare struck me. So many questions bounced around my brain, like, “How do I make this work?” and “Is this even possible?”

Over coffee and eggs, Teresa and I sorted it out. Childcare was the biggest hurdle, and my mom’s guilt about me taking time for myself to train and race was hitting me hard. I felt guilty about reducing family time and asking one of my triathlete parents to skip their race to provide childcare. Sorting these out became the first step before I even considered hitting the race track.

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