Back in the Box?

Back in the box?

Already tired of crowded swim lanes and watching black lines?   For some of us, it is difficult to transition from open water to the pool.  No more trees to sight or sun rays illuminating the underwater.Here are my top 5 suggestions for tackling pool boredom.

  1. 1. Try a different pool
  2. 2. Reach out and find a swim buddy
  3. 3. Be creative with you plan
  4. 4. Create a 3 month improvement project using SMART goals
  5. 5. Play

More Tips to Tackle Pool Boredom

Some of us have the luxury of multiple pools within a 30  minute drive.  Go and explore!  You may find the pool that takes an extra 15 minutes drive is less busy or has your favourite post workout steam room.  For rural BC, ask a local hotel to use their pool. Many hotels would love the opportunity for additional revenue during the winter months.  (And then purchase a swim tether to enable continuous swimming)

Ask your friends to meet you at the pool.  Swimming is a social sport mainly before and after the workout so reaching out to non swimmers is a good option.  Join a community group that offers group swims.

Taking a plan to the pool is very important.  Set your plan in advance and follow it.   Be creative –  experiment with drills or different strokes. Base you swim on time or distance. Add variety by using different paces and rest intervals.

If your plan is part of a broader goal, you will succeed by paying attention to the individual program as well as using SMART goals. Within  SMART goals, use all available measures available to you: time, distance, tempo, rate of perceived exertion and rest intervals.Last and the most fun, is remember to play in the water.  Take a moment and watch any children around. Try and experience their sense of adventure.  Try a somersault.  Sit by a water jet. Try a dolphin kick.   Remember – water is your friend.  Playing with your friend is the best way to get to know it.

These are the tips to tackle the pool boredom situation based on my swimming experience.

Teresa Seibel
Total Immersion Master Coach
NCCP Community Triathlon Coach

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