A Bike Fit – Why it is important and how it will impact you!

Bike fitter

Have you ever experienced the benefits of a professional bike fit?

 Both Coach Teresa and I recently underwent a new bike fit, and the difference it made in our performance and comfort level was remarkable.

 A proper bike fit can truly enhance your riding experience. Over a decade ago, I decided to participate in a fondo, but I was constantly plagued by discomfort after riding – sore neck, clicking knee, and more.   Even short distances left me feeling terrible, and the pain would persist for hours or even days, sometimes requiring a visit to the chiropractor. 

At the recommendation of my local bike shop, I invested a significant amount of money in a professional bike fit, hoping it would solve my issues. While it did alleviate my neck pain, the annoying knee click persisted. I resigned myself to this situation, as the bike fitter claimed there was nothing more to be done. 

However, after spending a few hours with Rob, my knee click vanished! A simple adjustment to the cleat did the trick, and my neck pain disappeared as well. I can now ride longer distances and feel fantastic. Rob attentively listened to all my concerns and devised a personalized solution.


Rob at Bike Fit Solutions is a standout addition to our Tri Balance partners. His approach mirrors our custom training plans, ensuring that each program is tailored to the individual. 

Additionally, he offers a mobile service, catering to clients in the Lower Mainland and Kamloops. During my session with Rob, he took my body measurements and thoroughly examined my bike and shoes.

He asked detailed questions about my cycling experience and any pain I experienced, demonstrating genuine compassion for my concerns. Unlike previous experiences with bike fits, Rob did not push for an upgrade to newer, more expensive equipment. Instead, he worked with my existing bike, showing his commitment to providing top-notch service regardless of the equipment. 

I was so impressed that I have already scheduled him to fit my gravel bike and stationary bike. If you are looking to enhance your bike fit experience, we highly recommend booking a session with Rob at Bike Fit Solutions 

Coach Teresa & Rob Wright from Bike Fit Solutions

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