Teresa Seibel


Above: Teresa Seibel exiting the swim at Ironman Canada

Teresa Seibel is the Head Coach and administrator for all Total Immersion programs and events in British Columbia.

  • Total Immersion Master Coach
  • Chi Walk/Running Level 1 Coach
  • Certified Community Triathlon BC Coach
  • Founder of the Kamloops Spring Sprint, Race Director from 2009-2014
  • Sport Chair for 2011 Western Canada Summer Games
  • Past President of the Kamloops Triathlon Club
  • Certified NLS lifeguard 2017 โ€“ 2020

Veteran of 2 Ironman, 3 Half Ironman, 5 Marathons, and many more short course triathlons and runs.

Teresaโ€™s passion is sharing her love of swimming. Her own experience learning to swim as an adult led her to a coaching career.

In every coaching session, she empathizes with the struggles of her clients while showing them the efficient way to exercise. She loves to share in the ecstatic, enlightened moments her clients experience. She strives to achieve work-family-life balance and coaches with this in mind.

She can help you achieve your goals that relate to competing in triathlons or simply getting into better shape through swimming. Her enthusiasm for these sports is contagious and her energy is infectious!

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Terry Laughlin, Founder of Total Immersion and Teresa Seibel, Total Immersion BC Head Coach Sync swim Maho Bay, USV

Chris Ostenstad

Above: Chris Ostenstad at the Finish of
The Big Effort 18 km Swim

Chris Ostenstad, Certified Canadian Triathlon Coach

  • Trained Community Swim Coach
  • Triathlon BC Coach
  • Cycling BC Community Coach
  • Head Coach & Administrator for Cap’s Bike Club 2017 – present

Veteran of Aqua Bike Half Ironman, Half Marathon, Norway's Styrkeproven, Skaha Ultra Swim, and many Gran Fondo's & short course runs & triathlons throughout Canada & USA

Chrisโ€™ passion comes from being able to share her experience, starting as a returning aged athlete and becoming an endurance athlete later on in life.

She has experienced many events from all three disciplines but has gravitated towards long-distance swimming and Aqua Bike events.

Completing the 2022 Skaha Ultra Swim 12km, Penticton, BC and The Big Effort Swim 18km, Christina Lake. She loves to share her experiences.

Chris is enthusiastic and believes nothing is impossible. She is excited to work with clients by sharing her passion for coaching and helping others achieve their goals, whether training for an upcoming swim event, aqua bike, or learning to swim for the first time.

Chris believes nothing is impossible; once you set your mind to it.

Read about Chris’ Journey on her longest Open water swim, Click here

Erin Parr

Above: Chi Walk Run Coach

2 Marathons, 4 half ironmans, 1 ironman canada and many short course triathlons and runs.

Erin Parr is a dedicated and experienced Chi Running instructor, passionate about helping individuals discover the joy and benefits of mindful running. With a solid foundation in distance running, Erin has an impressive running resume that reflects her commitment to the sport.

A highlight in Erin’s running career includes her finish at the 2007 Ironman Canada, where she conquered the challenging course and demonstrated her resilience and mental toughness. This accomplishment speaks volumes about Erin’s ability to tackle tough challenges with grace and determination.

Erin’s genuine enthusiasm for Chi Running and her ability to connect with her students make her a valuable asset to the TriBalance community. Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting on your running journey, Erin Parr is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and discover the transformative power of Chi Running.

Christina Lake 18km
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