Jen Brett

Jen Brett is the owner and manager of Tri Motivation.
She coaches out of Chilliwack

  • Total Immersion BC apprentice
  • Certified NCCP BC Triathlon Community Coach for Youth and Adults
  • Completion of her BA with a major in Psych in 2015
  • previous lifeguard

Veteran of 1 Ironman, 2 Half Ironman, Marathons, and many more short course triathlons and runs.

Jen took swimming lessons throughout her childhood. This led to a job in lifeguarding and swim coaching. In 2006, she became more involved in fitness and studied her BCRPA Fitness Theory and then volunteered at the YMCA teaching Spin and Pump Classes. Jen grew to love spin and decided to take it on the road. Shortly after in the same year, she learned to run and completed her first Sprint Triathlon.

Jen fell in love with the sport of Triathlon and decided to upgrade her barely functioning mountain bike and invest in a road bike. Unfortunately two days later, while cycling to work, she was hit by a semi truck. In 2009, Jen came back to the sport and completed another Sprint Triathlon closely followed by her first Olympic Tri which was an open water swim. In 2010, Jen pushed on to train for a Half Ironman Distance Triathlon and then crossed the finish line in 2011 at the Penticton Ironman Canada. By 2011, Jen had transformed into an athlete and had lost a total of 40 pounds by learning better nutrition and fitness. During this time she decide to further pursue her love of the sport and became certified as an NCCP BC Triathlon Youth and Adult Coach.

Jen was amazed watching Ironman but thought this was nothing she could ever accomplish. By sheer determination, dedication, self-motivation and knowledge she crossed a finish line she once thought to be impossible.

Now its your turn, let Jen help you cross that finish line you have always dreamed of!