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Front Crawl Swimming and Breathing

Are you struggling with swimming and breathing?  It is not your fitness!  Learne how to breathe properly and change it from a struggle to a strength! This course is designed for individuals who need to learn and/or improve their breathing in front crawl. Participants will learn proper technique, body position, timing and coordination using drills and skill-building exercises. 

This course is for you if any of these statements are true:

  1. I am exhausted after 25 metres
  2. I use too much energy to swim
  3. I swallow water
  4. I breathe only on one side
  5. I only use a snorkel to breathe
  6. I need a breathing touch-up

Prerequisites:  Individuals must be able to float and swim 15 metres. 

Workouts are divided into 2 levels:
Brave beginner – struggles to swim the full length of the pool
Intrepid Intermediate – can do lengths but is exhausted

Equipment required: 

  1. Swim Snorkel
  2. Tempo Trainer Pro

Equipment recommended

  1. Swim Snorkel plug

NOTE: Pull buoys and kick boards are not recommended.

This front crawl swimming and breathing course is a go-at-your-own-pace program with group Zoom calls and group video analysis. The online group zoom sessions are scheduled once per month for 30 minutes. (generally scheduled Tuesday evenings at 7pm)

The course provides structured swimming and breathing sessions. Practicing daily for 30 minutes provides better results than once per week for 60 minutes. I have included rehearsals and visualizations that you can do at home.

The minimum recommended duration for completion is 6 weeks. There are self-evaluation questions that will guide you in determining whether to move forward or repeat the previous week.

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