How to choose swim goggles

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“On the first day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me, some big, wide goggles so I can see 

I like to call myself function, junction.  I don’t have any need for name brands or uncomfortable shoes just for the idea of looking good or being trendy.  

Function, junction is no exception  when it comes to choosing goggles for the pool and open water.

My top  two tips for how to choose a pair of goggles are:

1. Proper fit – no leakage ,  no permanent Goggle lines after a morning swim 

2. Visibility – lenses that are large enough so I can look above and below the water, anti fog

Fit – Every face is a different shape and every set of eyes are a different size,  Finding the right fit can be challenging.  Before CoVid, one could walk into a swim store and open up the goggle package and ensure a suction without securing the straps.  This signals a great fit.  Difficult to do this under current circumstances and you can’t do this when ordering online.  If you have a local sports store that has come through for you in the past, I ask you to continue to support your local mom and pop shops and ask if you can try on the goggles with their CoVid protocols.

If going into a store isn’t going to work for you, then Aqua Sphere Seal is  my top pick that fits a round, slightly chubby face.

Aqua Sphere Seal and Seall II goggles are also my choice for visibility because they have a similar shape to a snorkelling mask.  The suction fits on your forehead and on your cheek bones so you don’t get sunken eyes from goggle lines post swim.    As long as you take care to put the goggles in their case and not just throw them in the bottom of my bag, I have been very happy with the longevity of the anti fog.  Never, never put your fingers in the lens and rub them.  This removes the anti fog.  

Visibility and proper fit – that is how you choose a goggle.

And if you’re like me, swimming  is about being one with the water and feeling the healing energy flow of its powers, with a little exercise thrown in for good measure.

I want to be able to take in the sights. 

I want to see my swimming buddy clearly. 

I want to see Vancouver’s skyline  from the open ocean.  

I want to see the eagle diving beside me catching a fish and the turtle swimming beneath me.

Function, junction it has to be.

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