Total Immersion Swim Lessons

The Total Immersion (TI) method doesn’t just teach you to swim better; it transforms your relationship with the water and turns swimming into a passion. Through learning the TI progression you will be able to “be” in the water differently and enjoy carving out lanes and become excited about swimming across lakes. TI Coaches are the best in the world at teaching adults to swim longer distances, both in the pool and open water, with ease and enjoyment.


Total Immersion Workshops

Extensive one or two day Total Immersion training sessions that incorporate pool sessions, classroom theory and video analysis. Revolutionize your approach to swimming in both action and in thought as we guide you through a series of thoughtfully choreographed movements that will teach you essential skills for mastering a fluent, beautiful, and economical stroke. Swim heightened awareness of your movements and a deeper understanding of your stroke.


Video Analysis and Custom Plans

Visual feedback is recognized as one of the most powerful tools for better understanding and learning new skills. Beginner and advanced swimmers will benefit from an examination of form. We detail individual stroke inefficiencies and identify prime opportunities for improvement.

Training plans include weekly workouts designed specifically for the goals and ability level of each swimmer.


Cycling Clinics

Cycling technique clinics that teach you how to use your bike and body position to get optimal power for the level of rider you are. A variety of sessions including basic body position, riding in a group and learning how to effectively change gears.