Custom Triathlon Training plans


Customs Triathlon Training plans



These plans include weekly workouts designed specifically for the goals and ability level of each triathlete. These are NOT stock workouts.  Training plans are designed using the principles of Total Immersion swimming and Chi Running! Don’t waste precious training time with cookie-cutter workouts; maximize your performance by allowing us to provide you with a customized, time-effective workouts, designed to best suit YOUR needs, goals and commitment level! Three different training plan schedules are available.


  • CORE PURPOSE: Detailed focal points and set descriptions accompany each workout so you understand WHY you are swimming each individual set and its intended purpose (i.e. speed/tempo training, recovery, skill development, strength building, breath control etc.)
  • Personalized intervals, distances and focal points (monthly test sets recalibrate intervals and tempo)
  • Optional coach feedback and analysis following any workout

Step 1 – Initial Skype/FaceTime consultation $85.00

Fee and video requirement waived for alumni

    1. Client submits swim, bike and run videos. Can be shared via Google Drive, Dropbox  or other shared folders.
    2. Appointment to discuss videos, feedback and goals
    3. Client decides on bronze, silver, gold plan

If yes,

Step 2 – Choose initial 3 month coaching plan


Custom training plans


Customized workouts per week 3 6 9
Written feedback per month 4 8 12
Skype/FaceTime support per month 20 min 30 min 40min
*Workshop, lesson discounts 5% 10% 15%
**Commitment level 3 months 3 months 3 months
Video analysis 1 2 3
Monthly rate $130.00 $190.00 $250.00


      • Valid only during committed months
      • ** Minimum 3 month requirement to start participating in online training program, then may move to monthly. Payment must be made in full prior to start of program.

Step 3 – Coach provides workouts weekly

Coaching is supplied through the online Training Peaks software where your workouts will be posted on your own personal coaching page and you will be able to enter the details of your workouts for analysis by your coach.

Wednesday/Thursday – Workout posted and feedback given

Step 4 – Evaluation of progress after 3 months


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