Cycling Basics January


Cycling basics

Online by zoom


Tuesdays January 30, Feb 13, Feb 27, March 12
Online via zoom
12:00pm – 1:30pm or
6:00pm – 7:30pm

This is a highly interactive indoor biking workshop. We will explore ways to cycle with less stress on your body and with less physical effort. This class is for beginner cyclists that want to learn how to use their bike on a trainer so Spring riding will feel easier and safer.
The bi-weekly format enables you to practice the material in between sessions.

General format
10 minutes discussion
40 minutes spin
30 minutes questions and answers

Week 1 Equipment, Body position, cadence
Week 2 Gearing, standing
Week 3 Drills
Week 4 Review and workout

Sessions will be available for repeat viewing until March 30, 2024

Equipment required:
Bike – mountain bikes allowed. The programs works best if you use the bike you want to use outdoors.
Bike Trainer – No bells and whistles required.  A simple magnetic bike trainer is best.
You can use an upright exercise bike; however, part of the program is getting to know your outdoor bike.

Extra add-ons:
3 month custom cycling program for 20km or 40km  can be added for $100/month.

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