Tri Balance Lesson Descriptions Levels 1-5


Frequently asked questions and program details:

Total Immersion is a method of learning an efficient freestyle stroke. TI is based on the principles of relaxation, balance, streamline and propulsion. It is taught in a step by step process where each skill taught builds off the previous skill. Clients learn to swim using available sources of energy like gravity to propel forward.  Clients learn to resist the urge to fight the principles of water such as drag and friction. Without having to fight these principles the client swims faster and more efficiently.

Which lesson should I take?  Where do I belong?

Terribly Terrified

Get Confidence and Learn to Swim – Can’t swim a length of the pool yet or afraid to tread water in the deep end?  Here are your options:

  1. Tri Balance offers semi-private or private lessons.
  2. The Kamloops Y offers an adult weekly swim program for adults.  This is not a Total Immersion program; however, it is a safe place to learn a few skills while overcoming your fear of the water.

Beginners - Level 1 - The Basics

This program is for adults that are comfortable in the water and would like to take the first steps towards learning front crawl.  This class guides you through a series of drills that build upon the fundamentals to make you into an efficient swimmer.  This style of swimming is ideal for triathletes who want to exit the swim refreshed and ready for the bike.

During this course you will develop mindfulness and the principle skills of balance, streamlining and propulsion.

This course is for you if any of these statements are true:

  • I can barely swim 25m (one length)
  • I have trouble breathing
  • I can swim but I am exhausted
  • I can float and glide and want to learn front crawl

Intermediate - Level 2 - White Belt

This program is for adult swimmer developing mindfulness and the principles skills of balance, stability, and comfort.

Two kinds of clients fall into the Intermediate – Level 2 lessons.

  1. A beginner that has completed Level 1 –  These lessons take your basic skills learned in the introductory classes and refines your technique in 3 main areas – breathing, 2-beat kick and perpetual motion  You will understand the mechanics of your stroke better and learn to correct yourself based on your sensory awareness of your stroke.
  2. A swimmer and/or triathlete that feels they work too hard in the pool and would like to convert to Total Immersion swimming.  You develop the Total Immersion freestyle drill series – a sequence of exercises that will help you not only swim faster and longer, but understand the mechanics of the stroke better.  You will also learn to breathe easier, the 2-beat kick and the basics of perpetual motion.

This course is for you if any of the statements are true:

  • Breathless after 50-100m
  • Haven’t had lessons in a while
  • You know you are using too much effort
  • Don’t know how to breathe to both sides.
  • Getting ready for your first triathlon

Intermediate - Level 3 - Yellow Belt

This program is for adult swimmers that need to improve the core-rotation, the kick, the catch, and the synchronization of each propulsive piece.

Total Immersion drills and whole stroke swimming is refined, while extra coaching on proper breathing, kicking, triathlon specific skills, and conditioning is provided.  This program is for the ‘Kaizen’ swimmer – a swimmer that enjoys continuous improvement.   We continue to refine technique with a deeper awareness of every part of the stroke and endlessly practice how all the components work together.  This program will prepare you to swim longer distances with more ease and relaxation.

Kaizen is endless; Kaizen is this moment.

The paradox of Kaizen is that the way it helps you think in terms of limitless possibility is by focusing your attention on the potential of this day and this moment. Kaizen Swimming is not built upon any great or impressive action, but upon a very small action only you will notice—a single beautiful stroke . . . repeated with loving attention a few thousand times in the course of an hour.

You begin practice with a plan to find some almost-hidden aspect of your stroke that, during the next hour, you’ll perform better than you ever have before. No one else will notice your improvement, but you will feel it because you give it such keen and unwavering attention. Before you know it, an hour is over and it’s been the best hour of your day.

by Terry Laughlin

Founder and CEO (Chief Executive Optimist) of Total Immersion Swimming

Intermediate - Level 4 - Blue Belt

This program is for swimmers developing deeper Kaizen skills for precision synchronization, finer focal points, and beginning to customize their TI training with metrics.

Sessions will include learning skills on:

  • personal metrics for pacing – both where you are and where you want
  • designed to improve your ability to hold consistent pace over your chosen distance
  • designed to improve your pace over your chosen distance or expand your distances.

Our goal is to teach you the 5 metrics of swimming and how to use them to create your own swim practices designed specifically for you

This program is for you if:

  • You can swim 1000m non-stop
  • You may be stuck at a pace plateau
  • Looking for a new personal best

Advanced - Level 5 - Black Belt

Our custom training plans and private sessions are for the advanced Total Immersion swimmer developing complete mastery over stroke and mental performance, under greater degrees of challenge.  This programs will include how to pace yourself properly for racing, and how to swim faster, one practice at a time using the 5 metrics of swimming.

Private sessions accelerate your learning because the theory and hands on coaching technique is specifically for YOUR swimming.

Custom Training Plans include weekly workouts designed specifically for the goals and ability level of each swimmer. These are NOT stock workouts – with no two workouts alike!

What can I do if I love sharing the Total Immersion technique?

Total Immersion is not only a revolutionary way to teach and practice swimming, but a unique career opportunity as well. If you love TI swimming, why not make your living teaching what you love?

TI instructors are distinguished from all others both by their ability to teach anyone to swim well, and their capacity to inspire their students to develop a real passion for swimming and launch them on a Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Swimming path.

Become a TI Coach