Virtual Video Analysis – $70.00

Refine your skills!  Visual feedback is recognized as one of the most powerful tools for better understanding and learning new skills. Beginner and advanced swimmers will benefit from an examination of form.  We detail individual stroke inefficiencies and identify prime opportunities for improvement. Your personalized prescription for success will be supplemented with a directive outline to the basic concepts of stroke efficiency and proper freestyle technique.

1. Client submits numerous swimming videos – preferably underwater.  If underwater is not possible, we will work with above view. Please upload to dropbox and share folder.
Please include:


a) underwater side view

b) underwater front view

c) above side view

d) above front view

These segments need to be a full 25 metre length.

2. Client answers questionnaire by email

3. Coach emails evaluation 

Three points of your stroke will have comments on what you are doing well and why it is important.

Three points of your stroke will have comments on what you need to work on and why it will improve your stroke accompanied with three worksheets with drill focus points for you to work on.

Please allow 5-7 business days for completion.