SMART goals

SMART Goals Setting

for use in every aspect of a balanced life

S is for Specific. Answer Who, What, Where, When, Why and How
M is for Measurable.  How will you know when you have accomplished it? Set measurable targets.
A is for Attainable. Do you have the time, talent and money to reach this goal? If not, alter it
R is for Realistic. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and set a high goal but make sure it’s realistic.
T is for Timely. Give your goal a time frame & set a deadline but allow for some flexibility.

Happy New Year!!! With the New Year brings with it New Year’s Resolutions. Have you made any yet? They can be a lot of fun and a great motivational tool. However, sadly, only a small portion of people carry out their resolutions to completion and maintain them for one year (8-13%).

To increase your success rate you can do the following: Set a S.M.A.R.T goal as opposed to making a blanket resolution statement.

S – Specific. Be specific in your goal. That means asking Who will be involved? What do you plan on doing? Where will it take place? When will it start? Why are you completing this goal (what are the benefits)? Which requirements or restraints are there in achieving your goal?

Example of a goal: I want to get in better shape.

Example of a specific goal: I will join a gym that I will attend 3x per week for one year.

M – Measureable. A goal is measureable if you can determine when you’ve completed it. A statement like getting in shape isn’t measureable unless you have listed criteria to know when you have reached that goal. Does that mean you will have lost weight? If so, how much? Or will it mean that you can run a certain distance? Swim for a certain length of time?

When we measure or track something we know when we are making progress. Progress encourages us to keep working.

A – Attainable. Attainable doesn’t mean the goal has to be easy or small. Attainable means that you have drawn out the steps to achieve them and made a plan on how you will get to your goal. If you can grow/expand your skills and desire you will draw closer to your goals because you move forward toward them not because the goals have shrunk.

R – Realistic. Goals can be both high and realistic. The important thing here is that the goal must be something that you are both willing and able to do. If it is, no goal is unrealistic. If you truly believe you can, it’s a realistic goal.

Often high goals are more likely to be accomplished because with low goals comes a lower level of motivation.

T – Timely. Pick a time frame because dates give us a sense of urgency. If the time frame is long, we can benefit from breaking it down into smaller chunks of time and plan what we will do within that period.

Bonus Tip: You are more likely to be successful if you share your goals with a friend or family member. They help us to keep accountable. Having those people join in your goal increases your likelihood of success even further. When we do something as a group we are much more likely to stay committed.

Tri Balance would love to be a part of your goals in 2022. We can help with goal setting, planning and attainment. Visit our website to sign up for a workshop or request an individualized plan.

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