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Swim Buoy

One of the greatest additions to a Triathletes open water swim bag is the invention of the swim buoy.  I don’t know exactly the year this ‘function junction’ essential came into being but I was introduced to it at the BC’s Premier open water swim, Across the Lake swim, in 2012.

Across The Lake Swim in Kelowna, BC had buoys for sale at package pick up.  As any excited race registrant, I was ready to drop my $50.00 instantly for a souvenir that didn’t sit in my closet by was functional post event.

Using balloons before buoy
Heffley Lake

I was already frequenting lakes and oceans for swims, but I was always nervous about how boats were going to see me.  There are over 200 lakes in close proximity to Kamloops, BC, however, many of them are frequented by speed boats.  Swimming without a support Kayaker meant more stress less technique focused swim.

Also, I hated losing sight of my swim buddy. Sometimes I couldn’t see them because of the sun or sometimes it was fogged goggles.  So I had anxiety about boats and then an added layer of anxiety about my swim buddy. This was not conducive to a pleasurable swim.  

Fast forward to 2020 and swim buoys are everywhere.  They come in different sizes and colours and with or without a wet bag compartment.

I recommend the 15L with dry bag compartment.  I don’t fully trust my compartment so I always use a dry bag inside the compartment for my phone and keys.  Less anxiety again, because I am not worried about my phone or keys left on the beach or in my car for someone to steal.  

This is an open water swim essential, a Triathlete training essential and a top Tri Balance essential.

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