Tim Ferriss takes on Total Immersion Swimming

Who is Tim Ferriss, and what does he have to do with Total Immersion?

Today, we will tell you a bit about Tim Ferriss. Tim is an American entrepreneur, author, podcaster and lifestyle guru. @Tferriss
He refers to himself as the Human Guinea pig.

He will try anything to make the impossible possible!

Tim Ferriss Experiment

In 2008, Tim was challenged by a friend (a swimmer) to train and finish an open water 1 km race, and his friend had to go without coffee or stimulants! This is when Tim found Total Immersion!

picture of Tim Ferris article on How I learned to Swim Effortlessly in 10 days and you can too.

Click to  Read Tim’s post from 2008  

If you don’t follow Tim Ferriss’s blog, now is an excellent time to start! Head over and check out his blog.

Tim then joined forces with Total Immersion’s Terry Laughlin (founder of the TI Method) on a episode of

“The Tim Ferriss Experiment in 2014”

Tim held a contest and took in Sarah from Seattle who was a novice swimmer, with the goal to teach her” how to swim.

Pictured below, Terry introducing Tim and Sarah the TI method of superman glide.

Tim’s goal was to take months of conventional training and compress it into a few days, and the intent was to swim a half mile in open water.

With Terry’s help, this goal was achieved.

This episode is fantastic and worth a watch. It is inspiring and many of our clients have found this video and have told us so.

Check out the Episode of The Human Experiment next:

To learn more on Tim’s experience, check out these links :

From “Business Insider” (2015):  ‘4-Hour Workweek’ author Tim Ferriss explains how learning to swim in his 30s changed his life

“Smash Fear, Learn Anything”: Tim Ferris’s TED talk describing how he learned to swim with T.I.

2012 post from Terry– “Lesson 1 – Impossible Becomes Possible”: http://www.totalimmersion.net/blog/how-ti-helped-tim-ferriss-bypass-his-previous-failure-points/

2013 post from Terry: How Tim Ferriss Learned to Feel Like Superman

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