Removing your wetsuit

1. Unzip wetsuit as you exit water. Take one arm out at a time and run to your bike with the wetsuit half off.
2. Once at your bike in transition, keep pulling wetsuit down by rolling outward with 2-3 good ‘snap pulls’.
3. Now the tricky part – roll wetsuit outward as far down each ankle as possible .  One leg at a time – Stick both thumbs between wetsuit and heel and slip wetsuit under heel. Then ‘snap pull’ wetsuit off your leg by grabbing calf area.
Some athletes like to try to put vaseline or pam spray on their legs to make the wetsuit slip off easier, although, I have had much success without using a lubricant.
Other options: Check the race information to see if they supply wetsuit strippers.  As you continue to race, this a great feature to help you choose your best race.
Each time you exit the open water during your practice swims, you should practice a quick wetsuit exit.  It gets easier the more you practice!
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